Greg Walden Event

September 27, 2014

After a decade of having Mike Michaud, “the most obscure Congressman in DC” representing our district, we finally have an opportunity to elect someone who shares our values and is not afraid of hard work.

The Poliquin for Congress campaign is in a dead heat with liberal extremist Emily Cain in this race. Emily knows she is in trouble so she has liberal Nancy Pelosi, famous for her insistence on “passing Obamacare so we could find out what was in it,” coming to her rescue with a huge TV buy of negative, untrue, attack advertising against Bruce.

Help us fight back!

The Poliquin campaign will be hosting a business-leaders fundraiser breakfast this coming Tuesday, September 30th. Joining Bruce will be Congressman Greg Walden, who serves as the Chairman of the NRCC. Please see the invitation below for more details.

Maine’s 2nd District is made up of thousands of small business and Bruce, as a businessman and job creator himself, understands how vital each one is to our economy. Just this week, Bruce was endorsed by the National Federation of Small Business (NFIB) for his proven record, while his opponent, liberal Emily Cain, voted against small business interest 70% of the time.

I hope you can join Bruce and Chairman Greg Walden on the 30th. Be certain to RSVP as spacing will be limited.Walden