Congressman Poliquin’s Record on National Security

October 11, 2016

Since the beginning, Congressman Bruce Poliquin has called the Iran Nuclear Agreement a one-sided, dangerous deal. As more and more facts come out about this deal, the worse it gets.

For example, Iran is one of the leading state-sponsors of terrorism. This deal unfreezes more than $150 billion in assets, which Secretary of State John Kerry has admitted that some of that money will go to terrorist organizations. This deal also allows Iran to buy, sell and trade ballistic missiles and weaponary within 10 years. 

That is why Congressman Bruce Poliquin voted AGAINST this disastrous deal.

However, his opponent, Emily Cain, SUPPORTS this dangerous deal.

Additionally, Congressman Poliquin has voted to STRENGTHEN our borders and enhance our visa waiver program. He believes it is important that we know who is coming in to our country and from where. 

However, his opponent, Emily Cain, believes we should open our borders to everyone. She even voted to give illegal immigrants in Maine drivers licenses. 

Congressman Poliquin has always voted to keep Mainers and Americans safe and will continue to do in Congress.