What Economic Development Looks Like

March 14, 2014

The Woodland Pulp mill in Downeast Baileyville recently announced a planned $120 million expansion to meet the growing East Coast demand for paper products. Beginning in late 2015, the mill is expected to add another 80 jobs to its current 320 workers in Washington County, one of the lowest income areas in the nation. An additional 200-300 indirect jobs, such as logging and truck driving, will be created.

As Maine State Treasurer, I worked closely with the Governor’s Office and other state officials to facilitate the expansion of natural gas pipelines in Maine. These pipelines are lowering the cost to operate our mills and heat our homes, schools, hospitals, and office buildings. The expected new jobs at the Woodland mill are coming in great part because of the energy savings by the mill converting in 2011 to burning natural gas instead of oil to operate the papermaking process.

Status quo politicians in Washington have run up our national debt and failed to solve the serious problems hurting our economy and killing jobs. As your next Congressman, I’ll use my 35 years of business and financial experience and take decisive action to help Maine families like I did as State Treasurer.