Stopping Waste

March 20, 2014

Let me ask you a simple question.

Let’s say someone’s in a tough financial position. After closely looking at expenses, he or she discovers that 10% of every paycheck is going to discontinued magazine subscriptions and automatic payments to somebody else’s credit card bills.

Should that person keep wasting 10% of his or her hard-earned money?

Of course not! So, why do we accept waste, fraud, and abuse from our federal government?

The Office of Management and Budget in Washington has deemed 13 programs – including Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security – to be “high error”. Every year, these programs dole out $750 million dollars in improper payments. Think about that for a moment. Hard-earned taxpayer dollars wasted, for example, by being sent to the wrong party!

You wouldn’t tolerate that waste with your own money. You wouldn’t allow it in the small business you own. But, career politicians in Washington believe this is simply part of the system – it isn’t a big deal. Well, they’re flat wrong. This IS a big deal and must end.

As State Treasurer, I discovered that Maine Housing Authority was wastefully spending nearly $300,000 of our taxpayer money on one-bedroom apartments while 6,400 vulnerable Mainers were on waiting lists to find safe/warm places to call home. I was proud to help expose and stop that waste, thereby helping more at-risk families one step away from homeless shelters.

As State Treasurer, I was shocked to find out that some employees and board members of our quasi-government Authorities took 3-day trips to New York to sign routine financial paperwork that I signed on my office window sill. Those boondoggles included $4,000 celebratory dinners. Again, I helped end that waste. 

When state government needed to borrow money to build roads and bridges, I insisted that Wall Street bid to buy our bonds. No more cozy relationships with investment bankers. This competitive process drove down interest rates, saving Maine taxpayers millions of dollars in interest payments.

Hard-earned tax dollars do not belong to politicians. They belong to We The People. I have zero tolerance for wasteful government spending.

I support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to end Washington’s addiction to overspending our limited tax dollars. I’m the only candidate in this Congressional race to have signed a pledge not to raise taxes.

I support Term Limits to break the cycle of career politicians who forget they represent We The People. I’m the only Congressional candidate who supports this.

This is the kind of strong, clear representation and hard work that Maine families deserve in Congress. This is exactly what you’ll get if you send me to Washington.