A budget no one can support

March 11, 2014

Three point nine trillion dollars.

You read that right. $3.9 trillion. That’s the amount President Obama wants to spend in his recently proposed 2015 budget.

However, the federal government is projected to collect “only” $3.3 trillion in taxes and fees from We The People. That means our $17 trillion mountain of national debt would grow by another $600 billion in just one year.

Worse still, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office reports that the President’s budget would put our country on a 10-year trajectory where the annual budget never balances – never. 

In 2024, this fiscal recklessness would push Washington’s spending to nearly $6 trillion. Our national debt would surge to over $25 trillion. And, $1.2 trillion in higher taxes would add salt to the wound.

The President’s budget is a giant gimmick filled with more tax hikes and wasteful spending, and no support for job growth. It’s more big government funded by more of our tax dollars.

No fiscally responsible individual, even if in Congress, could support this irresponsible budget. It will never pass.

The proposed budget isn’t leadership. It’s more special interest gamesmanship pushed on hard-working Americans by career politicians.

We need real solutions to the serious problems that face us. Problems like out-of-control spending and mountains of debt that smother our economy and kill jobs.

We need tax relief, not heavier tax burdens. We need spending cuts, not massive growth in government programs.

The only way we’ll get our fiscal house in order, grow the economy, and create more jobs is to send individuals to Washington committed to ending the status quo. People with plenty of sound business experience, not lifetime political careers. Those with the courage to make the right decisions and take the political heat, not dangerously kick the cans down the street.

Send me to Washington as your next 2nd District Congressman. I’ll work tirelessly to put America on the healthy path to a balanced budget, growing economy, more jobs, and expanding freedom.

I’m not running for Congress to wear a title. I’m running to fight for the futures of Maine, America, and our children.

My campaign has one goal – win Maine’s open Congressional seat and help turn our nation around.

Please mark June 10th on your calendar as “Vote Bruce Poliquin Day!”

Email your friends, family members, and co-workers, asking them to visit my website www.poliquinforcongress.com.

Together, we’ll win Maine’s open Congressional seat in the 2nd District. Then, we’ll be able to help redirect Maine and America on a more promising path to more jobs and a better future for all.