Term Limits

Limit the Terms of Members of Congress


  • Support enactment of term limits for Congress
  • Once in law, defend term limits from repeal

The intent of our Founders was not to entrust the federal government with a permanent class of career politicians. They understood that the best government is the one closest to We The People.

Once elected, the primary concern of long-time politicians is to use the advantages of their offices to get re-elected. They use our tax dollars to grow government programs to secure more votes in the next election. They increasingly lose touch with those they are responsible to represent. Problems grow and remain unsolved because career politicians avoid making difficult and unpopular decisions that invite criticism and might lose votes.

The best way to break this dysfunctional cycle is to limit the terms of our elected officials in Washington. Twelve years (six terms) in the House of Representatives and twelve years (two terms) in the Senate are reasonable periods of time to get the People’s work done. Term limits will encourage elected officials to do what’s right instead of what’s politically advantageous to get re-elected.

15 state legislatures, including Maine’s, and 8 of our 10 largest cities impose term limits on their senior elected officials. It’s time Washington does the same. I look forward to advancing this initiative in Congress.