Maine Industries

Support Our Unique Maine Industries and Their Jobs


  • Fight to remove unnecessary federal regulations and mandates
  • Promote trade and investment opportunities
  • Secure federal infrastructure projects

Maine is a special place to live. Our safe communities, friendly neighborhoods, and the great outdoors make it a terrific state to raise our families and retire.

However, quality of life must also include a paycheck.

Maine is home to tens of thousands of small businesses. Our fishing, farming, wood products, tourism, defense, technology, and many other companies are the backbone of our economy and communities throughout the 2nd Congressional District.

For 35 years, I have owned and operated small businesses. I have experienced first-hand how government can help companies succeed and hire more workers, or can stifle growth that leads to lay-offs.

For the health and freedom of our 2nd District families, it is critical that government help, not hinder, our small businesses that employ our workers. Red tape and unnecessary paperwork from Washington smother our companies with higher costs that result in job losses.

Every day while in Congress, I’ll fight to help our small businesses succeed so that our 2nd District families, communities, and towns can prosper.