Support Legal, Not Illegal, Immigration


  • Promote legal immigration; discourage illegal entry
  • Secure our borders
  • Ensure no unfair advantage for illegal immigrants
  • Welcome those with specific skills to grow our economy

Legal immigration is good for America; illegal immigration in not. We should encourage individuals and families to enter our country legally, not the other way around.

Our borders and ports should be fully secured to prevent further illegal entry. Then, we should reform our immigration system to control the number of new non-criminal immigrants who seek the blessings of American freedom and opportunity. The federal government should institute a system, backed by stiff penalties, to verify that employers only hire workers who are here legally.

Our nation will be stronger and safer with new immigrants who want to follow the law, peacefully assimilate into American society, contribute to growing our economy, and care for their families.

I do not support amnesty for the 11 million illegal immigrants living in America. The 1986 Immigration and Control Act proved that amnesty for 3 million illegal immigrants encourages further such violation of the law. Those here illegally should not be given unfair advantage above those who are following the legal path to citizenship.

Our immigration policy should welcome those individuals with specific skills that can fuel our economy and lead to more prosperity for all Americans.

At a different time in our history, my Franco-American ancestors immigrated to Maine from Canada. They appreciated the boundless opportunities of America and sought to contribute to the melting pot, not be separate from it. They logged, farmed, and toiled in Maine textile, spinning, and woolen mills. We Francos are proud to have helped build our beloved State and are grateful for the blessings of that hard work.

In Congress, I’ll support common sense immigration based on the rule of law, border security, economic growth, personal responsibility, and self-reliance — not government dependency. America works best when we all contribute to our combined success and freedom.