Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy Should Strengthen Our National Security


  • Ensure only Congress can commit to military conflict
  • Stay out of Syrian civil war
  • Build strong economy to protect our homeland

We Americans are free to pursue our happiness only if we are secure at home and abroad.

Our foreign policy must support a strong national defense. That process should include a clear understanding when Congress, and only Congress, will commit our brave sons and daughters in uniform to military conflict. I believe that should only be when there is an imminent threat to our homeland. As your next Congressman, I will not vote to get involved in the bloody and unpredictable Syrian civil war that poses no direct threat to our homeland or citizens abroad.

Besides the possible use of military force, there are other foreign policy strategies and tools that impact our national security. Counter-terrorism, missile defense, foreign aid, and free trade all affect our security here at home.

Today, possibly the greatest threats to our national security are the fiscal and jobs crises created by career politicians in Washington. These serious, self-induced problems stunt economic growth and the tax revenues needed to fully fund our military, public safety, intelligence, and border security.

If advanced in Washington, the war on jobs waged in Maine during much of the past 40 years by liberal big government politicians will damage our national security. In Congress, I’ll work diligently to help solve the fiscal and jobs crises which will strengthen our homeland and protect our American way of life.