The pot vs. the kettle

May 9, 2014

It’s become crystal clear that Bruce’s opponent in this Congressional primary election, Kevin Raye, has no intention of discussing the issues which matter to our 2nd District families. On our website, Bruce explains his specific positions on creating jobs, ending wasteful government spending, paying down the national debt, Obamacare, lowering energy costs, and many more topics.

Meanwhile, Bruce’s opponent, who is running for this same Congressional seat for a third time, has yet to post any issue position on his website. After two failed races, still not telling the voters where you stand on the issues?

Additionally, Kevin is attacking Bruce yet again claiming he is not “one of us.” Really…? 

Bruce was born and raised in central Maine. He’s been an owner of his Oakland residence for nearly seven years – family property enjoyed since 1960. As State Treasurer, Bruce represented all of Maine as compared to his opponent who represented only one county in the state legislature. Still, this hasn’t stopped Kevin from personally attacking Bruce.

But, here’s the kicker…Newspapers recently uncovered that Kevin Raye, to claim that he lived in the 2nd Congressional District during his first failed attempt for office, stated his residence was at his in-laws home. That’s right, he filed papers to run for this Congressional seat claiming his in-laws residence while property tax records show he owned a home in Fairfax County, Virginia when working in Washington for many years.

Kevin Raye’s central campaign attack is that Bruce is not “one of us.” Sort of like the pot calling the kettle black.

Bruce has signed a pledge not raise taxes. Kevin Raye refuses to do so. Who is “one of us” and who “sides with us”?

Regrettably, this spin by a career politician is nothing new. Less than two years ago, Mr. Raye tried to fool Maine voters, again, by claiming he had a poll showing that he’d win this Congressional seat when he ran and lost for the second time. Just five days before Election Day – 5 days – his press release stated that he was beating Mike Michaud. Five days later, he lost to the liberal Democrat by 16%, losing 10 of the 11 counties in the 2nd District.

This kind of deceptive behavior is exactly what voters are tired of from career politicians like Kevin Raye. 

This critically important primary election is the first step to win 1 of only 16 “toss up” Congressional seats in the nation. We Republicans must continue to work hard to nominate the candidate who shares our values and has proven that he has no tolerance for wasteful government spending, mountains of debt, and high taxes to pay for it all.

The National Republican Congressional Committee believes Bruce can win this seat over the big government liberal Democrat he’ll face in the general election. More than 60% of the current state representatives in the Maine legislature, who represent our 2nd District families, agree.

Will you volunteer to help send a proven fiscal reformer and strong Maine leader to Washington to help clean up the mess created by career politicians? To get involved in our winning campaign, please go to our website, or call the campaign office at 370-6725. Let’s work together to elect a conservative that We The People can trust.

On to Victory!