Raising taxes?

May 15, 2014

Did you see the news?

At a debate yesterday in Brewer, Kevin Raye attacked me because I don’t want to raise taxes.

You read that right.

The Bangor Daily News quotes Kevin Raye on why he won’t sign a pledge not to raise taxes: “I do believe that signing such a pledge is not responsible. How do we know that we’re not going to face a crisis that we haven’t even conceived of now?”
Well, we have a crisis right now and it’s the federal debt. Career politicians have burdened our economy, our families, and the next generation with a $17 trillion national debt. We don’t need to “conceive” a crisis. It’s here now.

Lifelong politicians, like my opponent in this Congressional race, don’t see the problems with our economy that must be addressed to create more jobs, better lives, and more freedom for all Americans. Unlike my opponent, I have spent 35 years growing businesses and creating jobs. I know a fiscal crisis when I see it, and we have one right now in Washington.

As Maine State Treasurer, I proved that I’ll tackle the tough challenges and end the entrenched special interests. I did so by rooting out cronyism and wasteful spending at Maine State Housing Authority, and by speaking out loudly and clearly against the corruption at the Maine Turnpike Authority. I did it again by helping eliminate over 40% of the State’s smothering pension debt in less than two years.

I will work with anyone, regardless of political party, to advance Maine’s interests. However, I will not compromise with Nancy Pelosi on continuing to run up our national debt that kills jobs and hurts our 2nd District families.

There are major differences in the experience and qualifications between me and my opponent for this open Congressional seat.

I need your help to win this Republican primary election on June 10. Call 370-6725 to volunteer. Donate some amount today using this convenient online link:


Together, we can start putting our state and country on a more financially stable, conservative path.