A clear choice

May 13, 2014

Voters in the 2nd District are making their voices heard, and they’re lining up behind our campaign.

The latest? Influential Republican Maine State Senator Jim Hamper.
This morning, I’m pleased to tell you that Senator Hamper endorsed me for Congress. His endorsement is another in a long line of lawmakers and grassroots organizations that have thrown their support behind us.

Here’s what Senator Hamper had to say about my candidacy:

“Bruce is the only pro-life candidate running for Congress. To me, the pro-life stance speaks to his character. In addition to his proven record of eliminating debt and cutting wasteful spending as our former State Treasurer, Bruce will bring our shared values to Washington. I encourage my fellow 2nd Congressional District families to help elect Bruce Poliquin to represent us in Congress. I’ll be voting for Bruce in the GOP primary on June 10. I hope you’ll join me.”

We’ve been endorsed by nearly 60% of the current Maine House legislators who represent voters in the 2nd Congressional District as compared to only 17% for our opponent. My campaign has also been endorsed by FreedomWorks, National Right to Life, Republican Liberty Caucus, Concerned Women for America, and Second Amendment leaders across the District.

Grassroots voters throughout the 2nd District agree that ours is the only campaign which embraces conservative values and can beat the big government liberal Democrat in November.