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  • A clear choice

    Voters in the 2nd District are making their voices heard, and they’re lining up behind our campaign.

    The latest? Influential Republican Maine State Senator Jim Hamper. Read more

  • Poliquin endorsed by Republican Liberty Caucus

    The Republican Liberty Caucus has unanimously endorsed Bruce Poliquin in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District GOP primary.

    “It is time that the career professional politicians more interested in being Washington insiders step aside for new voices who will represent the people who want smaller government, lower taxes and less interference from government in the conduct of their family affairs and their personal lives,” said RLC National Chair Matt Nye. “Our Board members from all parts of the nation found Bruce Poliquin to be a refreshing change from the political status quo.”

    Nye said the RLC National Board conducts an exhaustive review before bestowing its endorsement and found Poliquin to be best candidate for Federal office in Maine.
    “We are delighted that the RLC National Board saw the qualities in Bruce Poliquin that our state chapter members did when they overwhelmingly voted to recommend the endorsement,” said Maine RLC State Chair Vic Berardelli of Newburgh. Read more

  • The pot vs. the kettle

    It’s become crystal clear that Bruce’s opponent in this Congressional primary election, Kevin Raye, has no intention of discussing the issues which matter to our 2nd District families. On our website, Bruce explains his specific positions on creating jobs, ending wasteful government spending, paying down the national debt, Obamacare, lowering energy costs, and many more topics.

    Meanwhile, Bruce’s opponent, who is running for this same Congressional seat for a third time, has yet to post any issue position on his website. After two failed races, still not telling the voters where you stand on the issues?

    Additionally, Kevin is attacking Bruce yet again claiming he is not “one of us.” Really…?  Read more

  • I will defend the Constitution

    Our nation’s founders painstakingly created one of the most lasting documents in human history — the United States Constitution. For 225 years, our “unalienable rights” of life and liberty, combined with limits placed on the power of the federal government, have served as the cornerstones of America.

    Members of Congress take an oath to “support and defend the Constitution.” There is no more important duty. If honored with this profound responsibility, I will research every issue in order to make the best decision for the people of Maine’s 2nd Congressional District while ensuring to uphold the Constitution. Read more

  • Stopping Waste

    Let me ask you a simple question.

    Let’s say someone’s in a tough financial position. After closely looking at expenses, he or she discovers that 10% of every paycheck is going to discontinued magazine subscriptions and automatic payments to somebody else’s credit card bills.

    Should that person keep wasting 10% of his or her hard-earned money?

    Of course not! So, why do we accept waste, fraud, and abuse from our federal government?

    The Office of Management and Budget in Washington has deemed 13 programs – including Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security – to be “high error”. Every year, these programs dole out $750 million dollars in improper payments. Think about that for a moment. Hard-earned taxpayer dollars wasted, for example, by being sent to the wrong party! Read more

  • What Economic Development Looks Like

    The Woodland Pulp mill in Downeast Baileyville recently announced a planned $120 million expansion to meet the growing East Coast demand for paper products. Beginning in late 2015, the mill is expected to add another 80 jobs to its current 320 workers in Washington County, one of the lowest income areas in the nation. An additional 200-300 indirect jobs, such as logging and truck driving, will be created.

    As Maine State Treasurer, I worked closely with the Governor’s Office and other state officials to facilitate the expansion of natural gas pipelines in Maine. These pipelines are lowering the cost to operate our mills and heat our homes, schools, hospitals, and office buildings. The expected new jobs at the Woodland mill are coming in great part because of the energy savings by the mill converting in 2011 to burning natural gas instead of oil to operate the papermaking process.

    Status quo politicians in Washington have run up our national debt and failed to solve the serious problems hurting our economy and killing jobs. As your next Congressman, I’ll use my 35 years of business and financial experience and take decisive action to help Maine families like I did as State Treasurer.

  • A budget no one can support

    Three point nine trillion dollars.

    You read that right. $3.9 trillion. That’s the amount President Obama wants to spend in his recently proposed 2015 budget.

    However, the federal government is projected to collect “only” $3.3 trillion in taxes and fees from We The People. That means our $17 trillion mountain of national debt would grow by another $600 billion in just one year.

    Worse still, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office reports that the President’s budget would put our country on a 10-year trajectory where the annual budget never balances – never.  Read more

  • Outrageous

    Yesterday, Democrats on the Maine Legislature’s Appropriations Committee told their Republican colleagues that voting on a fiscally irresponsible piece of legislation would occur today. Then, they secretly met again and rammed through the fiscally reckless plan without any Republican presence.

    Emily Cain, the likely Democratic nominee for Congress in the 2nd district, is a Democratic Member of the Appropriations Committee. Read more