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  • Opposing Unfair Trade Deals

    Congressman Poliquin stands up for Maine’s families and job creators and opposes massive, unfair and bureaucratic trade deals—like the TPP—that are harmful to Maine.
    Congressman Poliquin bucked the Republican establishment and voted, twice, against granting President Obama “fast-track” trade authority.
    The Congressman also defied the powerful Washington establishment and lobbying interests and firmly opposes the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) international trade agreement, a massive trade deal brokered behind closed doors by Washington political elites.
    “I don’t work for the Republican Party and I certainly don’t work for Washington lobbyists,” said Congressman Poliquin“I work for the families of our 2nd District.
    “We need fair trade, not enormous, secret trade deals that hurt Maine workers, job creators and families. That is why I stand with Maine’s families, voting twice against granting the President ‘fast-track’ and opposing the TPP.”
  • Poliquin Supported Extension of James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act In Omnibus Bill

    OAKLAND – Last December, Congressman Bruce Poliquin voted in support of the omnibus funding bill, which included the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act.

    When the Omnibus passed Congressman Poliquin specifically and publicly noted that one of the reasons he supported the funding bill was the inclusion of this program.

    However, extreme Emily Cain continues to mislead Mainers on Congressman Poliquin’s voting record.

    This bill included funding for a new DDG-51 destroyer for Bath Iron Works, extended the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, and a five-year extension of the 9/11 Victim’s Compensation Fund.

    Congressman Poliquin’s support for the omnibus funding bill helps ensure that all 9/11 first-responders, such as firefighters, will receive the healthcare they greatly deserve.


  • Senator Susan Collins Joins Maine’s Largest Small Business Organization in Supporting Congressman Bruce Poliquin

    OAKLAND – Today, at Bangor Letter Shop, U.S. Senator Susan Collins joined David Clough, Maine’s State Director for National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), in awarding Congressman Bruce Poliquin with the “Guardian of Small Business” award and supporting his re-election to Congress.

    At the press conference, Senator Collins Stated, “Bruce Poliquin has worked to create and keep jobs in our state. And he is a tiger who really fights for the people of Maine.”

    “He has shown himself to be a real champion of our small businesses. To have our nation’s leading small biz organization endorsing Bruce is so important. It shows that Bruce believes in jobs and that he will support,” Senator Collins continued.

    Then Senator Collins was proud to help present the coveted small business award.

    Congressman Poliquin stated, “We need to do everything humanly possible to create jobs in our state. Job creating skills are something we need in Congress so I am delighted to receive this award.”

    “And thank you to Senator Collins for recognizing that I am the best qualified to represent Maine’s Second District in Congress,” Congressman Poliquin concluded.

    Joining them at the press conference was David Clough, National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Maine’s State Director which includes 30,000 employees in Maine at over 3,000 Member small businesses. He noted that both Senator Susan Collins and Congressman Bruce Poliquin both have high ratings with NFIB.


  • False Attacks on Congressman Poliquin’s Taxes

    First and foremost, Congressman Poliquin has always paid his taxes – in full! Don’t believe the lies on TV.

    Congressman Poliquin did not break any tax rules or tax laws and he did not violate any program.

    He has paid literally THOUSANDS of dollars on the particular property extreme Emily Cain and her liberal allies are attacking him on. Again, his taxes are always paid and are always paid in full.

    For more information, watch this video here:

  • Congressman Poliquin’s Record on Jobs

    For more than 30 years, Congressman Bruce Poliquin started businesses and helped create hundreds of jobs. As Maine’s 2nd District Congressman, he uses this past experience to help protect and create jobs.

    For instance, Congressman Poliquin worked across the aisle with a Democratic Member of Congress from Massachusetts to enforce the Department of Defense to follow the law and issue American made footwear, like those at New Balance, for new recruits. His efforts helped save 900 good-paying jobs at New Balance. 

    Congressman Poliquin also worked with Rep. Pingree to help protect the sea urchin and sea cucumber industry from being penalized by job-killing regulations. The sea urchin and sea cucumber industry employs more than 650 hard-working Mainers and thanks to their proposal, it protect these jobs. 

    Additionally, Congressman Poliquin has worked to allow the Brunswick Naval Air Station to qualify as a HUBZone (creating more jobs), helped a local hospital in Washington County (which has roughly 250 employees) stay open, voted against unfair trade deals, like the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), that would harm Maine’s economy and much, much more.

    In Congress, Congressman Poliquin has used his experiences as a businessman to help protect and create jobs. That is the kind of experience that Washington desperately needs.

  • The Truth About Emily Cain and Tax Cuts

    Recently, the Maine Republican Party unveiled a video of extreme Emily Cain saying that she “hated” the tax cuts that passed in the 2011 state budget.

    And yes, these are the same tax cuts that she has been touting in her campaign ads…

    Emily Cain and her extreme liberal special interest allies have a continual problem with telling the truth. This video is another example, in a long and growing list, of Emily Cain and her liberal special interest allies misleading Mainers.

    Videos from the Maine Republican Party:

  • Out-Of-State Super PACs Supporting Extreme Emily Cain

    There has been a lot of news about campaign funding in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District race. However, you are not seeing any reporting on the funding and support extreme Emily Cain has received from out-of-state ultra-liberal Super PACs.

    Nancy Pelosi and her liberal allies are pouring millions and millions of dollars in to the Second District to help elect Emily Cain. For someone who has been endorsed by End Citizens United, extreme Emily Cain hasn’t denounced them.

    As a third-generation Mainer, Congressman Bruce Poliquin is running a grass-roots campaign with help from people all across the 2nd District.

    Mainers don’t need out-of-state, liberal Super PACs, like Nancy Pelosi’s, telling them how to vote. 


  • Extreme Emily Cain Wants to Raise Taxes

    In the State House, Emily Cain supported a bill that would have raised or created taxes on more than 100 goods and services.

    This bill taxed haircuts, movie tickets, furniture repairs, car repairs and more. 

    It took a citizens initiative to get rid of Emily Cain’s extreme tax plan.

    Congressman Poliquin is working to lower taxes to help give job creators the confidence they need to start new businesses and create more good-paying jobs. 

    Mainers don’t need more taxes and regulations. They need lower taxes, more jobs and more freedoms.

    For more information on extreme Emily Cain’s tax increases, check out the bill here:

  • More False Attacks on Congressman Poliquin’s Record

    Emily Cain and her extreme liberal allies continue to make false attacks on Congressman Bruce Poliquin’s record in Congress.

    Don’t believe them.

    Congressman Poliquin has voted to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare. His parents are in their 80s and rely on these important programs.

    He would never vote to cut them.

    If Emily Cain and her extreme liberal allies would actually read the budget proposal, they would see that it clearly states Medicare would be protected.

    Additionally, Congressman Poliquin is working to repeal the Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset. Our teachers, firefighters, police officers and other public workers, deserve the benefits they earned. 

    With your support this November, Congressman Poliquin will continue his work to protect Medicare and Social Security in Congress.

  • Congressman Poliquin’s Record on National Security

    Since the beginning, Congressman Bruce Poliquin has called the Iran Nuclear Agreement a one-sided, dangerous deal. As more and more facts come out about this deal, the worse it gets.

    For example, Iran is one of the leading state-sponsors of terrorism. This deal unfreezes more than $150 billion in assets, which Secretary of State John Kerry has admitted that some of that money will go to terrorist organizations. This deal also allows Iran to buy, sell and trade ballistic missiles and weaponary within 10 years. 

    That is why Congressman Bruce Poliquin voted AGAINST this disastrous deal.

    However, his opponent, Emily Cain, SUPPORTS this dangerous deal.

    Additionally, Congressman Poliquin has voted to STRENGTHEN our borders and enhance our visa waiver program. He believes it is important that we know who is coming in to our country and from where. 

    However, his opponent, Emily Cain, believes we should open our borders to everyone. She even voted to give illegal immigrants in Maine drivers licenses. 

    Congressman Poliquin has always voted to keep Mainers and Americans safe and will continue to do in Congress.